Friday, June 17, 2011

Just for fun

 It seems like I don't do a lot of beading just for the fun of it anymore. Everything that I make is either to sell, to use my beads from Artbeads, or to fill a spot in my wardrobe. But this ring was created just because I saw the pattern and I wanted to try to make a ring. I used five colors of Delicas, and by colors I of course mean "shades of olivine." The sad thing is this is probably not even close to all the shades of olivine I have. I added some 2mm Swarovski crystals in olivine to the edges and the center, because I felt like the design needed some embellishment and if I'm going to wear a giant cocktail ring, it should have some sparkles.

The pattern was posted on Facebook to promote Geometrics by Dustin Wedekind and Kate McKinnon. I'm pretty excited about the book, I think it will probably be just about everything that a bead book should be, and it's being written right here in Tucson!
Speaking of things made in Tucson, on the lefthand side of my blog you will now find a Kickstarter link for Autopsy Bears. This morbidly adorable (adorably morbid?) project is the brainchild of my dance teacher Fonda and one of her friends. I've already made my pledge and I really want my bear, so if you'd like to support some crazy Tucson artists, please consider singing up to be a backer.


  1. Did you pre-order the book? Can it still be pre-ordered?

    Either way, it's a cool ring. It looks like snake skin.

  2. Neat ring! Maybe it's because I'm shamelessly watching Mega Python vs. Gatoroid on Syfy, but it reminds me of snake skin!

  3. SaraBeth, pre-orders are still available. I'm going to order mine this week!

    Aquariann, I forgot to include the name in the post. It's called the Deadly Venomous Olive Sparkle Snake because it reminded one of my friends of a snake head, too :)