Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beetles Are Lovely, Too!

You saw the sneak peek last night, now here's the real deal! My newest necklace, Beetles Are Lovely, Too. It was created for the MZ Glass Design challenge and features one of Margaret's Doodle Bug focals. I simply had to have this bead when I saw it and I've been toying with design ideas ever since I brought it home. I knew it would involve spirals, leaves, and would stick to the simple black, white and green palette of the bead.
I settled for doing something very similar to Elvensoul, except that I reversed the strung and woven sections. Since the focal is pretty substantial, I wanted to wire-wrap it and suspend it from SoftFlex instead of trusting its weight to beading thread.
And since I needed some nice shots for the design challenge, I got to experiment with photography. I really love this textured green paper! It provides some color and pattern to the image without detracting from the necklace.
But the black-to-gray gradated photography background is really where it's at when it comes to challenge entries. Nothing says "I am a serious jewelry artiste" like an overpriced photography background :)
And here's where the necklace gets its name! I love beetles, so of course I had to have a beetle that says "lovely" on its underside :) Plus on bad days, I can pretend that the bead is reminding me of how lovely I really am. Hey, we all need an ego-boost sometime!


  1. i love bugs too. lovely work ;p and nice selection of photos.