Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Colorful Bellydancers

Chris snapped this picture for me at the NY Renaissance Faire. I'm posing with one of the two belly dancers, though I regret to say that I forgot her name. She had a great gypsy persona and I think that her aqua and purple costume really suits her.

I'm pretty sure she was doing gypsy-style belly dance as well, though I'm not very good at identifying the various styles of dance. There were some hand movements that were very different from anything I've seen in tribal or Egyptian, including bringing her fists together and making a chopping motion up her arm -- they really weren't as violent as I made them sound, just very energetic.

As for me, I'm wearing a very orange skirt. When I purchased that Gahwazee vest, I decided that I really needed to wear it with colors other than green -- the orange and yellow paisley pattern gave me a good opportunity to branch out a bit. The orange skirt was a lucky $5 find, and while it's not full and floofy like a good tribal skirt, it did easily fit in my suitcase ;)


  1. Fun photo! You both look fabulous.

  2. Great costume! And I love the fake "wagon."

  3. Thank you both!

    Marilee, they have some really cute stages at that Faire. It's smaller than ours and has less performers, but I like the atmosphere better because of the trees and water (there are little ponds around the grounds).

  4. Without actually seeing what she did I would guess that the fists & chopping motions are from Classical Persian dance which has some incredibly gorgeous hand & arm movements.

  5. SaraBeth, that could be! I'll have to see if YouTube has any good videos of Classical Persian dances.