Monday, September 27, 2010

Buried in beads!

I'm currently in a battle against bead clutter. I have beads in at least three rooms of the house, and they're not particularly organized, and I keep having trouble finding what I'm looking for while working on projects. Then I go out and buy MORE beads, which just makes things worse.

So it's time to spend more time beading, and putting beads away, and getting rid of excess beads. It's time to stop putting off major projects, but to also work on some smaller, easy-to-sell projects. It's time to organize, and condense, and get a better grasp on what I have and what I need more of.

In the following weeks, you should see a lot more new jewelry on this blog, and a few new listings in the Etsy shop. And I might even do a bit of vending this Autumn. GASP! Stay tuned.

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