Thursday, September 09, 2010

Cicada Interlude

Ok, I know you're expecting vacation pictures, but check out this totally wild cicada that was on my screen door the other day! I like cicadas because they are so quintessentially insectoid -- the giant eyes, the shimmery wings. During monsoon season, they fill up out trees with their constant buzzing (which sounds absolutely nothing like the constant buzzing of Japanese cicadas in anime, in case you were wondering), but you almost never actually see them. In fact, I've lived here for over 16 years now and I think the first time I saw one of our cicadas was last year!

Sadly, this one died shortly after I photographed it. I almost wanted to pick up its little bug carcass and use it for some sort of jewelry project, but I know nothing about proper insect preservation techniques and I figure that MZ would not appreciate me showing up at her door step and saying "Teach me your bug taxidermy ways!" (for reasons including the fact that I'm pretty sure it's not called "bug taxidermy.")

So instead I'll settle for having photographs of its vibrant black and yellow body and beautiful cicada wings.


  1. love me some bugs! i woulda used the wings in a pendant :D

  2. We have lots of cicadas here, plus the crickets!

  3. Julie, I'm too squeamish to remove parts from a dead bug! I would have had to use the whole thing.

    Marilee, I don't think we really have native crickets here.