Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Best Bead Purchases

You'd think with how many tribal necklaces I already have, I wouldn't even think about buying more... but I had to have this one. I love those green dangles, and in fact, I'll probably eventually cut the necklace apart and use the dangles in a new necklace, or attach them to a bra.
And yes, the title says purchases, plural! After spending the weekend working next to Janice Evert Opals, I had to have an opal. The only reason that I didn't get one during my shopping on Friday is that when I walked by the booth, my eyes were naturally drawn to the nicest, flashiest, most expensive opals which were way out of my budget, so I assumed that they were all out of the budget. But this one was very beautiful, and very affordable... and you'll hopefully get to see what it gets made into in a month or so!

I had a nice time at the show, working for Anne Mitchell. I don't like having to run an entire booth by myself during the February show, but the September show is laid back enough that I was able to handle everything myself without feeling overwhelmed. Besides, I got to spend the entire time looking at Anne's gorgeous jewelry.

But the most interesting thing about the show was definitely watching a shoplifter get apprehended... and not a small-timer, either. The police found $10,000 worth of beads and supplies in her purse and in her car. Bravo to the vendors who caught and detained her and called the cops.


  1. $10,000.00? Isn't that considered grand theft?

    I hope all the vendors affected will press charges.

  2. Yes, it's considered a felony and she could apparently face up to 3 years in jail.

    I too hope that the vendors all press charges and this woman gets locked away. It's bad enough to steal from large stores, but to steal from small businesses and artists is disgusting. You can't even try to brush that off by saying that they can afford to eat the loss.