Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where do puppies not belong?

Every now and then I'll forget to shut the bedroom door, and I'll walk in on a scene like this! One or more corgi will have made herself comfortable on the "people bed." And of course, as soon as I walk in, they start acting all cute, because they know they don't belong there, but they just can't help themselves. It's so comfy! And it smells like us!

They also like to help me make the bed. They'll jump up and bounce around on the mattress as I'm trying to straighten out the sheets. It's all very, very cute. (Obviously, I had not made the bed when this picture was taken. I'm a very lazy housekeeper)

Daisy and Maggie turned two a week ago. This is around the time when they should slowly start to calm down, as they're officially adults now. Of course, as herd dogs, they'll always be pretty energetic and bossy. But maybe now they'll start to get the idea that they shouldn't take flying leaps off of the back of the couch onto the floor, and that the kitty doesn't want to play with them, no matter how many times they ask.


  1. I make my bed once every two weeks when the cleaning lady comes because if I don't make it, she does, and I don't like the way she does it. And of course, the kitties sleep on the bed frequently. It's warm enough today to have the windows open so they're smelling the outdoors while I'm doing the standard Sunday work of washing sheets, pillows, etc.

  2. I'm a maniac about making my bed and do it first thing after I get out of it. Course, there is not much to do when it's just a duvet! Lovely pups!

  3. Other than when I change the sheets, making the bed is really only something I do if I'm in a cleaning mood and I walk into the bedroom and see it unmade. Otherwise, I really don't see the point of it. No one goes into our bedroom, and we're just going to un-make it when we go to bed.

    Although, with the new brown comforter, it looks pretty nice all made-up.