Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hot Earrings!

I made half a dozen pairs of earrings today, but only had time to put two of them up on the site. The rest will be part of next week's update. The new additions are Fireball (seen above) and Rhapsody.

The Fireball earrings are perfectly coordinated to Phoenix Feathers... The Sun crystals are one of the 4 colors used in the necklace, and the crackled glass is the same hue as one of the other crystal colors. And they're made with gold-filled findings, to compliment the gold-accented button clasp.

... my cat Lira has just decided that my photography backdrop is the perfect place to lie and take a bath. Never mind that there's a whole rest of the apartment for her to be in. *sigh* I'd better go chase her off and hide the cloth.


  1. Marilee J. Layman12/6/07, 1:41 PM

    LOL Where else would she want to lie down? I love those earrings!

    Do your photo supports give back fiber flash? What Cindy called "lint" on my brand new necklace stand? I'm wondering how to avoid that.

  2. "LOL Where else would she want to lie down?"

    I don't know, maybe on the bed? You know, the one with the really fluffy afghan which is perfect for kitties to curl up on? Or maybe in the windowsill, to soak up some afternoon sun? Or the back of Chris's desk chair, to annoy him?

    I haven't had any trouble with fiber flash with my stands. Maybe yours have a higher nap (mine are really chintzy), or it could be a lighting issue?