Friday, December 14, 2007

Beads, beads, I love 'em I need 'em...

(Ok, so the original song is about brains. I can take a little liberty, right?)

I managed to get down to the Post Office today and finally get my hot little hands on my box of Earthenwood Beads. They're all gorgeous and I can't wait to make things with them. I always love it when I can add a new artist's beads to my selection, and when it's a new medium, even better!

I've got hearts, robots, skulls, faeries and so much more. This is going to be great!

Today I also had to break down and buy some new Fall clothes. Dear Fashion Designers: Please stop trying to make me wear ugly 70s-inspired designs made out of cheap fabric. I'm rather image conscious and I know what looks good on me. I also know what won't last more than 3 trips through the washer and dryer. I'm not going to waste money on garbage and I'd really like to be able to buy some tops other than plain long-sleeved tees. Thank you, that is all.

Oh yes, and as it turns out, Lebanese food wasn't quite as exciting as I hoped. It was tasty, but the nearby Greek place offers similar fare in a larger variety and a nicer ambiance, for about the same price. Still, it's good to try new things, and beef shawarma is quite delicious.


  1. Marilee J. Layman12/15/07, 3:38 PM

    It took me forever to find the robot heads! I didn't expect them under "spooky." But they're not quite what I'd want. A lot of the other stuff is interesting, too, though.

  2. LOL on your comment to fashion designers!!! :-)

  3. It's really hard to find robot focals at all... usually the robots that I see on Etsy are of the plastic vending machine variety.

    kreativemix, I've spent all week griping about fashion with a friend of mine! I tell you, the Juniors department of Target looks like the 70s exploded all over it ;)

  4. Marilee J. Layman12/17/07, 2:45 PM

    You know, I *liked* the 70s!

  5. Well, since I was born in '82, I can't really offer an opinion on the 70s as a decade... But I really do dislike most of the fashion trends from that era which are being recycled. Some are cute, but most are not. And the materials being used at Target at least are really nasty and cheap-looking.

    I am enjoying the plain tops that I bought... the soft sweaters are nice and cozy!