Sunday, December 16, 2007

And now, I am closed!

Erthe Fae Designs is now closed for the holidays. You can still buy things, but I will not be sending your order out until the 27th at the earliest. I have dog-sitting and a trip to CA to see family coming up, so I can't even really consider in-person delivery if you're in Tucson. The next ten days are just too chaotic!

I've been playing with my Earthenwood beads. I had trouble yesterday with not being able to match seed beads to the glazes... but tonight I strung a cute necklace with a pixie face. I'll definitely work on more things during my little holiday vacation, so that I can have a great update when I get back.

Due to the above-mentioned sitting and traveling, blog posts will of course be sporadic! Hopefully our hotel in CA will have Wi-Fi!

Oh yes, and congratulations to Britany M. for winning the holiday ornament drawing! Yay!


  1. Thank you, Christina! A happy one to you and yours :)

    (If anyone wants to see some great ornaments and stockings, they should go to Christina's blog!)