Monday, April 30, 2007

New Playthings!

Well, it's been a very nice couple of days. Last night I went over to my parents' home to celebrate both my and my brother's birthdays. I had a great time, and ate delicious carrot cake. Mmmm, cake. My parents gave me a very cool sewing tote with a few sewing supplies and PearlEx powders! I've really been wanting to try those powders with polymer clay, but the JoAnn's stores in town don't carry them.

My awesome husband Chris gave me a balanced scimitar for belly dancing. Hurray! There are few things cooler than dancing with a sword on your head. Of course, I'm not yet very good at keeping the sword balanced, but I will learn. Practice, practice, practice.

Today we went to JoAnn's. I wanted a few more sewing supplies and some more t-shirts to butcher (they were on sale for really cheap). Chris wanted a couple more pairs of pliers for maille work. I also picked up the latest issue of Bead Unique. The cover necklace is by a member of the beading forum I frequent, and inside there's also an article by the ever-awesome Beki Haley. Oh, and I got paintbrushes so I can apply my PearlEx powders. Maybe I will play with them tomorrow.

Then I came home and got the mail, and I'd received the kimono fabrics that I'd recently won on eBay! If you'd like to buy some kimono fabric of your own -- and really, who wouldn't? -- you can visit Dream Keeper Designs' eBay store. I just love kimono, and I will be using these bits of fabric to make a couple of beautiful wall hangings.

Today's Cool Thing is Foster's Creations. Shannon is having a rough time right now and could really use some sales to help make ends meet. If you would like to help an independent artist, brighten someone's day, and show your support for cancer patients and survivors everywhere, please take a look at her awareness bookmarks and cellphone charms! You could also treat yourself to some wonderful body-care products. Go, browse, buy! :)

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