Friday, April 20, 2007

Fashionable Friday -- Ultra Feminine

Fashion this Spring looks to be very heavy on the traditional feminine styles. I'm seeing a lot of muted and pastel colors, and so many cute girly tops. I absolutely love lace-trimmed camisoles and other delicate shirts, as I feel that they have a wonderful Victorian vibe without being as heavy and constricting as an actual Victorian dress. It's the perfect way to feel elegant while still keeping cool. Whether you pair them with jeans or a beautiful skirt, you stand out from the usual t-shirt crowd.

I couldn't resist searching my usual websites for some great examples of these stylish tops. I found an amazing assortment, some quite elaborate. Here are a few of my favorites.

Peacock Blue Tank by SideBon. I love peacock feathers, and this aqua-blue hued tanktop is the perfect blend of femininity and perky bright hues. It's a great match for my Mermaid Bauble bracelet, too, or any of the other aqua beaded treasures on my site.

Diamond and Pearls Tank by SideBon. I have a definite weakness for lacy, ruffly, Goth-y tops like this! I love the addition of dangling beads. Just think of how much movement this top would have if you were dancing! For a super-sexy look, add the Midnight Cascade necklace, and you are ready for a night on the town!

Spanish Lace ShirtDress by Autumn Russell. Just look at the ladylike retro style of this top! Beautiful! Its delicate hues would be well-complimented by Spring Whispers.

Corset-Style Top With Black Lace
by Maggie O'Riley's is a bit foxier than all the rest. It reminds me of what you'd see on a particularly styling saloon girl in a Western. Bronzed Jet nicely compliments the golden hues of the cloth and the black accents.

Sexy Scarf Shirt by Danielle Colby. Sexy is right! I love how lacy, silky vintage scarves have been repurposed to make this gorgeous shirt. Wouldn't it be just perfect with Lady Ghost?

Frilly Girly White Tank by SideBon. Only the girliest girls need look at this one! So wonderfully crisp and pure! The lace accents at the top remind me of a butterfly, so I think that On Pastel Wings would compliment it nicely.

Gypsy Backless Apron Shirt by Danielle Colby. This one has definite Boho appeal! Mellow Melon is the perfect accent for the coral tones of this top.

Deco Tank by Lara Kazan. I love crochet lace as an accent on clothing, it's just so elegant.

Amanda Camisole by Phyl. I used to adore eyelet when I was a little girl, and one of my favorite Summer dresses now is made from eyelet. I love how this top layers it with other fabrics for a petal-like effect.

Isabella Camisole by Myolee. A little more casual than the rest, but still so cute!

Because those last three all come in a variety of colors, I'll let you choose your favorite and then decide what jewelry would match it perfectly. I, of course, recommend the green option whenever possible ;)

And now... The grand finale! Lace Top by Autumn Russell. WOW! That is some beautiful bridal-quality lace, and such an elegant top. I like to daydream about someone wearing this top with a long, full wine-hued skirt, and Queen of Love and Beauty. Obviously with such a gorgeous outfit, my daydream lady is going someplace special, perhaps a fundraiser or awards ceremony, or maybe it's her wedding.

I hope you've enjoyed this little virtual shopping trip, and that it has you thinking about your great Summer outfits!

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