Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Birth of Flaming Teeth Part Two.

Well, I took a picture of the finished base strip, but it didn't turn out, so I'll do another one in the next chapter. For today, I present to you... Two of the "teeth" that will make up my Flaming Teeth necklace! The one with Lois's awesome lampworked bead attached to it will be the focal point at the center. The little guy will go at the end. I haven't decided yet exactly what size(s) I want to go between them. That's something I'll work on figuring out tonight.

And of course in this image you get to see my added bead! Because I'm not a fan of the opaque beads, I decided that I had to add something with more pizazz, and due to the nature of my design, I also knew that it would have to be a Japanese size 11 seed bead. I checked my stash and found that *gasp* I only have about 4 different oranges in my collection! I have got to fix that. But this transparent iridescent orange that I had was just perfect. Bright, fiery, and a nice compliment to the opaque orange seed beads and the fire opal Swarovski crystals. I've decided to make it the predominant color in the teeth, as fire really should be transparent.

I know that I want to make matching earrings to go with Flaming Teeth, but I haven't decided yet if I want to make them beaded triangles, or order these cool Sterling triangle chandelier findings that I found and use those. Maybe I'll do both. We'll see what I'm feeling like when the necklace is done.

Today's Cool Thing is another awesome BFAC auction! Shelley MacGregor's quilted wallhanging is just beautiful, and I love how she picked fabric that goes well with the bead kit, but takes her project way out of the green and pink range of most of the rest. If I had more wall space, I'd probably be bidding on it myself.

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