Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Birth of Flaming Teeth -- Part Three.

This necklace will be so much easier to photograph when it's assembled! Ugh! I realize that right now it looks essentially like just a mess. All the threads aren't helping. Rather than tying them off and cutting them as one normally would, I'm leaving them attached so that I can use them when I have to stitch the "teeth" to the base.

Anyway, you can see here that I have completed all nine of the "teeth," including attaching all the crystal accent beads. You can also see the full base strip, isn't it exciting? At this point, the hard part is pretty much done. All that remains is to do an attractive picot edging along the top of the base strip, then attach the teeth and the niblet beads, and finally add a clasp. As soon as I find a clasp I like, of course! For some silly reason I'd originally planned to attach the teeth, then do the picot, but somewhere along the way I realized that if I did that, my working thread would just wrap around the crystal dangles. Believe me, there are few things more annoying than when your thread catches on something almost every stitch!

It's my plan to finish Flaming Teeth this coming week, if I don't get distracted by other projects (I did take some time yesterday and today to make myself something special, come back tomorrow to see it!). I've already received three completed 2008 Layne's Legacy -- BFAC projects. Three more are done, and at least one of those is currently on its way to me. Thus it's likely that I'll be among the first 10 for 2008!

Today's Cool Thing is Sock Dreams. There are so many different socks, tights, and gloves that I want to order from this company. Too bad it's currently too hot to wear any of them! It's still nice to browse, though. They even have tabi!

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