Monday, April 09, 2007

Just a Post.

I just really have not been focused lately, which means there hasn't been a lot of blogging, beading, writing, or anything going on. If you asked me just what I've accomplished in the past week, you'd probably get a big blank stare.

It doesn't help that I've been having really strange dreams lately, and not even ones cool enough to turn into book stories. In the last week or so, I've dreamed that I was held captive by abominations that lived in the back of K-Mart (apparently my subconscious dislikes the place even more than I do); that I was a Guild Wars Dervish and that some random people kidnapped me, but it was okay because this scribe was smitten with me and was going to help me break free; that I was my L5R character and I was trying to do... something important that I've since forgotten; and that I was a random shugenja (L5R spellcaster), that my house started collapsing and I couldn't stop it, and then I had to run away with this guy on a train. Did I mention that there are no trains in L5R? These dreams have all been tied to bad sleep patterns, so I've been tired a lot.

Anyway, today I went out and bought some crafting books and bead magazines, so I am feeling a little more inspired. I also picked up some pretty fabric to use as a photography background. I'm hoping to test that out tomorrow, which will tie into part 2 of my BFAC in-progress series.

I hope to make the blog a little more interesting this week, with BFAC stuff, book reviews, an overview of recent entertainments I've partaken in, and a really good Fashionable Friday column at the end of the week. I'm already saving links for it! Also watch the website for interesting things; new graphics are up but may need tweaking, and I've finally opened the Gallery, so I will be filling that up as well as adding new jewelry on Friday (I am thinking more anklets, oh yeah!).

To make up for a lack of Cool Things lately, I am posting a Super Duper Extra Nifty Cool Thing: The Rare Bird Finds "100 Goodies For $10 or Less." This is like 100 Cool Things in one! How awesome is that? There are so many things on there that I want, either for myself or as gifts for others. For instance: Dashboard Ninjas? Definitely for my friend Alex's birthday at the end of the month. Kung Fu Coasters? For Alex and his roommates' new house soon. "Invisible" Playing Cards? Perfect for my friend Craig who likes card tricks and poker. Ninja Remote? My friend Casey already has one and loves it. Spiderweb Arm Warmers? I would totally wear those. That little windup photo holder? Chris got one for the holidays, we love to confuse the cats with it. I honestly think there is something on that list for just about everyone. And best of all, of course, it's all CHEAP! Can't beat that!

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