Thursday, September 14, 2006

Things to come.

Tomorrow, in addition to emerging from my hiatus with new jewelry for the site, I'm hoping to start a new series on this blog: Fashionable Fridays. I am not by any means a slave to fashion. Instead I like bending current styles to my own whims, both in the creation of my jewelry and in how I dress. Fashionable Fridays will be all about looking at what's "in" right now, what I think of the trends, and things I've found on-line that hover on the edge of trends.

Sound fun? I think it will be!

I may only be adding a few things tomorrow, but there is a lot of new jewelry on the horizon. Not only will I be expanding my selection of old favorites, but I'll be adding news designs, some of which you've already seen previewed on this blog.

Autumn should prove to be an exciting season for Erthe Fae Designs!

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