Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday is Fashionably Purple!

Purple is big right now. Maybe even huge. At the mall this weekend, I saw a dazzling array of purple clothes on display, even a few lilac-hued dress shirts for the men. Before I fell in love with green, purple was my favorite color, so I've been quite happy for the excuse to buy and work with purple beads.

Fall and Winter are a time for dark colors, so deep purples are a great choice. Purple Dream (pictured above) mixes dark with light for year-round wearability. Deepest Purple pairs Purple Velvet Swarovski crystals with icy silver for a wintry look. And Rumpled Velvet adds hematite for a dark and dramatic look. Purple is scattered throughout my site in other items, sometimes in shades of tanzanite, or amethyst or even perriwinkle.

I see purple as the perfect color for evening wear. This daring dress would look splended with a purple choker. Of course, for cooler weather you might want a shawl or jacket to warm up your otherwise bare arms. Why not knit or crochet your own with some beautiful purple yarn?

You can add a touch of purple to your current wardrobe with the perfect accessores. Earrings are a subtle touch, and I'm fond of these, with their stylish vintage beads. For a wilder statement, go with these vampire kanji earrings. How about a nice purple hat to keep your head cozy on a brisk Autumn day? Complete your outfit with an eco-friendly purse, and now you're fashionable and conscientious!*

In my hunt for purple, I came across a few non-clothing items which still look great. Apricot-Plum lip balm comes in purple heart tin and surely tastes quite purple, too. Meanwhile, the purples in this soap are so beautiful that I wish they were clothes or jewelry, so I could wear them!

I could go on and on and on, but really, I encourage you to get out there and search for your own fabulously purple treasures!

*The creator of these bags doesn't currently have her web store set up, but she assures me that she has some purple bags, and I like her idea so much that I had to share. Enjoy :)

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