Friday, September 15, 2006

Fashionable Friday -- The Old Black

I'm sure we've all heard it at some time or another, even those who don't follow fashion very closely at all: "X is the new black" where X = whatever color is hot this season. Honestly, who do they think they're kidding? Black is queen of the fashion world for good reason. There is no color which is more dramatic and versatile than pure black.

As such, whenever I hear about a "new black" I have to ask myself, "What was wrong with our old black?" After all, there are those who say that every woman should own that perfect little black dress, and that it's acceptable to wear just about anywhere. Black can be formal, casual, or artistic. Many colors have come along to challenge black, but it cannot be dethroned. Today, I am honoring black by making it the subject of my very first Fashionable Friday column.

One doesn't have to go far to find black on my website. After all, it is one of my favorite colors and I consider it the perfect neutral. Midnight Cascade (seen above) features a wide variety of black, silver, and hematite-colored beads. Remember, monochrome is in for Autumn and Winter! For a more subtle jewelry statement, might I recommend the Black on Black spiral rope bracelet?

Naturally, when I think of black, I start thinking of Goth clothes. This skirt is perfectly Gothic, but when paired with a white or colorful blouse, it could also make a wonderfully elegant statement. But what about accessories? Whether it's for a Halloween party, the Rennaissance Faire, or just because you love the attention, you can't go wrong with a handcrafted leather bat mask. If you're not feeling that daring, but you still want an unusual accessory, this monochrome ring might be just the thing for you.

Fashion writers will probably always tout the new black, but the old one is here to stay.

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