Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dancing Fingers Can't Type

My second belly dancing lesson is tomorrow. I've been keeping in practice these past two days by dancing to Dead Can Dance's "Spiritchaser" album. Of course, since it's about 100 degrees today, I can't dance very long without getting tired, so I'm blogging. The problem is, even exhausted, my body still wants to dance. I blame and and all typos upon my uncontrollable urge to roll my shoulders and let the motion flow through my entire arm.

Tonight's plans include continuing to work on my Beading For a Cure project. It's been giving me some trouble. I think it's the pink beads. They know that I hate them. Evil plans of pink beads aside, after this project is completed, I'll be starting work on some new lines. Watch out for anklets and hair accessories -- as far as I'm concerned, your entire body deserves beautiful jewelry. Except for your eyes. Eye Jewelry just creeps me out.

Also on the agenda for creation in the near future is a lariat featuring some of the new Magic-Lined Beads from Miyuki. The sparkle of these seed beads has to be seen in person to really be appreciated! I only have one color and really need to add more to my collection. They look great with lampwork beads featuring dichroic glass.

That's about all for now!

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