Monday, May 29, 2006

That massive website update!

Changes to my website abound! In an effort to make it more informative, I'm working on a section about the various materials that I use. It's up now, but I've only written about seed beads so far. Also, I've added a link section, which only contains a few links so far. I need to comb through my bookmarks and add everyone and everything that deserves linkage.
Meanwhile, my old News section has been replaced by this blog. Rest In Peace, News section. You served me well!
Unfortunately, there won't be any new jewelry until tomorrow, if not later. All of this website maintanence and usual weekend shennanigans have greatly cut into my beading time. I hope to get a few things made this week, including getting back to work on the BFAC project.
Yeah, about that. A lot of participants have been creating things along a similar theme as my original concept. I think I might try to come up with something else. The pink beads, however, are standing between me and inspiration. Curse their relentless pinkness!
Back to the beading board...

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