Saturday, May 27, 2006

Goat Toes and Mandalas

Today I bought a belt made out of goat toe-nails. Well, that's not strictly accurate. It's a belt accented by goat toe-nails. The nails are hung in clusters, so that when you move, they rattle together. It's a much more organic sound than my coin belt, kind of like a rain storm. The strange and awesome things that you can find at the Folk Shop.

While I was out, I also went to JoAnn's for their big Memorial Day sale. Picked up a ton of awesome buttons for clasps. I also got the supplies to make a beaded-embroidered mandala that I was suddenly inspired for this afternoon. I've never made something like that before, so it should be a fun and exciting project. I'll be sure to post pictures as I'm working on it. Big surprise, it's going to be green.

I also picked up the latest Beadwork magazine, so I think it's time to go veg out with that until it cools down enough in here that I can dance and bead a bit.

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