Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yar! Are ye looking at my necklace?

The necklace seen here on the left is the fruit of my labors from last night and today. It was inspired by Barbara L. Grainger's article in the most recent issue of Beadwork. I really loved her bead-chain bracelets and I thought that the technique would make an awesome base for a necklace.
A quick search of the beadroom turned up this great pendant. I have a real soft spot for the Chinese carvings, whether they're done in boxwood, stone, or ox-bone as is the case with this one. Really, it doesn't get much more Goth than a crow sitting on a human skull! I matched it up with some color-lined amber and matte black seed beads for a very tribal look. Because the clasp will usually be hidden under my hair, I just used a brass button, likely meant to adorn a man's jacket. It's choker-length, with the bird resting just below the hollow of my throat.
When I tried it on, my husband said it made me look like a pirate lass. Not really the look I was going for but hey, I can live with that!
I see a lot of possibilities in this chain and will be making an interesting bracelet with it soon, to be offered on my website.
It's about time for this bead-pirate to sail on to her Sunday roleplaying game. Got some Legend of the Five Rings samurai action in store. Unfortunately, I can't bring beads with me. Our hosts have an adorable young chihuahua who is hyper and full of love. I think I'd spend as much time keeping her out of the beads as I would making anything!
Tomorrow is the big blog and website update day! See you then!

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