Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mythical Messengers -- Crow Moon

The sunshine was perfect today, so I was able to photograph and list Mythical Messengers, my entry for the Crow Moon Art Dare. I was going to do a normal strung piece, but that wasn't exciting enough, so I dug around in my bead stash until I found this purple ribbon and black chain (the latter has been in my collection for close to 10 years now). Mixed-media isn't my strong suit, but I think this one is pretty cool.

This is a definite return to my roots, too. When I first started out, the vast majority of what I made was black, purple and silver. Goth jewelry sold pretty well on eBay back then. I may not dress Goth very often anymore (greens and browns look so much better on me than black and purple!), but I still love the aesthetic, the music, the literature, and the jewelry. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to further my Goth/steampunk cred by drinking some absinthe (Goth and Green!).


  1. Very nice! I wear a lot of purple and black. I just ordered a box of purple pens (they don't make pink pens anymore).

  2. Thank you, Marilee! Purple and black is such a nice combination... it's why I had to buy that Tiffany Opal cab that I posted :)