Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dancing at Faire

Look who danced on stage with the dancers and musicians of Ghazaal Beledi! It's me! And my classmates Jacqueline (in the orange), Meghan (in the magenta) and Jen (behind Meghan)! The other magenta skirted dancer in the corner is Jen Bentz, one of the Ghazal Belede dancers, and the blue skirted lady in the back is the dancer who spotted us in the audience and came up with the idea to pull us up... I didn't catch her name because I was too excited.

This photo comes courtesy of Jen's husband Sam, who took a lot of pictures and a little video while we were dancing. My Mom has video, too, but she hasn't sent it to me yet. I'll share it here when she does.

Sorry that I haven't had time to actually post much this week, it's been crazy and now I have to finish getting ready for class.


  1. Oh, very cool! I see a 50% division between arm arrangement. :)

  2. Marilee, yeah, that's what happens when half the group caught the cue in time to echo it, and the other half didn't. Er... I mean... we meant to do that! (we don't HAVE to all do the cue, but it looks prettier when we do)

    Thank you, Julie, I felt pretty fabulous, too :)

  3. Thanks, Jolene! Hey, if you want to give belly dance a try, there are a couple of events coming up that might interest you! I'll drop you an e-mail :)