Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keep the Sap Flowing -- FAE Team Art Dare!

The weather was beautiful today, so I snapped a few pictures and listed Keep the Sap Flowing, my entry for the Sap Moon Art Dare. The colors in the leaves should carry you through Spring, Summer, and Autumn. I love versatility in my jewelry!

For more great FAE Team dare results, see this post at our official blog. Most everyone else went for the Crow Moon theme, which I still hope to make something for before the month is over! I do so love corvids, and I have the perfect Green Girl bead for it (Oh Green Girl, is there any challenge that you don't make the perfect bead for?).


  1. ooh i love the amber dripping effect!
    i went for the Sap Moon, too ;D

  2. I like all the different leaves!

  3. I saw, Julie! We're sticky sappy sisters!

    Marilee, I got those leaves years ago at a store in NC when I was visiting Lois... glad I finally found the perfect use for them :)