Friday, March 05, 2010


Carol Diane H. is the lucky winner of the earring drawing over at my Facebook fan page! *throws virtual confetti* Congratulations, Carol!

As I mentioned previously, there will be another giveaway of some sort next month, this one not Facebook-centric. I have no idea what the prize will be, but I promise I'll make it just as beautiful as these earrings are.

Anyway, my three hours of classes last night were great! In addition to the usual Anaya-style tribal class that I've been taking since the summer, I'm now also taking a class on finger cymbals (aka zills), and learning a drum solo choreography. I don't usually do choreography, so it's forcing my brain to work in a different way while my body is also learning new moves. Combine this with a stuffy head and the fact that I didn't get to eat a snack between classes, and it will be a miracle if I remember what I've learned so far when I return next week. But still! It was a great time and I'm sure I'll enjoy the classes even more next week when I'm back to my usual health.

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