Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something very simple

I made this set a while ago, and have been struggling to get enough decent photos to list it on Etsy. I still need some decent close-ups of the focal, which means I won't be posting it until I get a new tripod, but in the meantime, it can pretty up my blog.

The focal is a piece of brass filigree with a foil-backed green glass cab in the center. I bought it at the same place that I get all of my vintage keys at Gem Mall, and I'm pretty sure I got it for free. There was no price on the bag, and they're one of those vendors where they write all the prices on the bag, eyeball it, add it up in their head, and round it down to a nice even number. It's a little annoying for inventory purposes, but awesome for saving a few dollars.


  1. Picture taking is a pain sometimes...did you put it on a bust?

    I am looking for digital photography class so if you hear of one, keep me in mind:)

    BTW....I want to learn how to bellydance and have outfits:)


  2. Nah, my busts were all out in the game room, which is in a detached garage, and it was WINDY that day (ok, it's been windy darn near every day) so I didn't go out and get them. Once I get a new tripod it will be time for a bunch of bust-shots.

    The new Parks and Rec catalog is coming out on Monday, I wouldn't be surprised if they offer a digital photography class.

    We will definitely have to talk dancing when we get together :D