Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BFAC is back, baby!

BFAC auctions are back up!

I must apologize for them not being up on Sunday afternoon like they were supposed to be. I, er, sort of forgot that it was my weekend to list them, and made plans to hang out with my friend (and didn't bother setting up a delayed listing on Saturday like I normally do). When I got home and realized that they needed to be listed, I popped onto eBay only to learn that they had completely deleted the listings, instead of just deactivating them, so there was no easy way to relist them. They had to be completely redone from scratch.

Luckily I still had the descriptions, but I was just way too tired for 2 hours of auction-listing last night, so they got done earlier today.

Anyway, awesome items are up. Just remember that if you are a family member, roommate, or employee of anyone on the BFAC board, you're not allowed to bid! Luckily most of my readers don't fall into those categories ;)

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