Friday, April 10, 2009

A little something for me

I was feeling a little annoyed yesterday, so I made this necklace for myself. It features the carved green stone insect pendant that I bought at gem show, some gorgeous kambaba jasper coins, and green turmaline Swarovski crystals. That's all. Nice and simple. I'm very pleased with it, though, because it looks neat and I did a great job wire-wrapping the bail to hang the bug from the strand. Wire-wrapping is not my strong suit, you know!

The background in this image is scrapbook paper! Last night we went to JoAnn's and I bought a whole bunch of decorative papers to use in my photography. The scattersheet that I picked up for the BFAC photos is nice, but it starts to get drab after a while. I wanted some color and texture to punch up my Etsy images.

I took a bunch more photos tonight before my tripod broke, and it looks like a decent amount of them actually turned out, so look forward to lots of eye candy over the next few days.


  1. Oh, I love that! And while I've been straightening out the workroom (in case I have to move my niece in quickly), I found a large gorgeous piece of deep green velvet I'd forgotten I had. It's enough for a long dress, not that I'm sewing anymore.

  2. Very pretty necklace...sometimes you do have to make something for yourself ya know. I am bad about that as well.


  3. Marilee, I hadn't heard about your niece moving in... Is she possibly coming to help you out?

    I have a remnant of green velvet, not sure what I'll do with it but it was really cheap. Maybe I'll make and bead a bag, or work it into a bodice.

    Jolene, just remember that whatever you make for yourself is advertising! You wear it around town and people see it and ask "Where can I get a necklace like that?" and you whip out your business card. Bam!

  4. AJ, are you getting my emails? I'd rather tell you there.

  5. Marilee, I guess I am not! The only one I've gotten from you recently was the one about starting your BFAC.

    I seem to be missing a lot of e-mails lately, so I think I need to stop using my AOL address. Let me set up something else and I'll drop you a line from there.