Monday, April 13, 2009

Fluttering Past...

I just listed this necklace and earrings on Etsy. I guess that I've been in a stringing mood lately. Sometimes it's good to take a break from the weaving and do a little "instant gratification" beading.

My weekend was fun and busy, with not much time for beading but lots of time for friends. I garnered a few compliments for my kambaba and cicada necklace at the birthday party yesterday, and did a little networking, too. It's fun to get out of the house and hang out with other creative people.


  1. You are definately looking like you are ready for spring with those greens and insects you are choosing in your jewelery!
    Funky Monkey Girl,

  2. Very pretty. I agree wholeheartedly that it's good to sometimes take a break from beadweaving for some instant gratification!

  3. Green dragonflies! I wonder how long the dragonfly thing will last -- long enough for folks to sell what they're making, I hope!

  4. Thank you, Jolene. Maybe next I should do a butterfly necklace.

    Christina, it is nice to have a project that you can finish in a single sitting!

    Marilee, dragonflies are one of those things that even after the trend dies down, there will still be people like Beki who have always loved them. I'm more worried about things like the owl necklace. There weren't a lot of people who were huge on owls before they became the big indie thing. The same with octopi. If I had a dollar for every necklace I'd seen on Etsy that was just an octopus pendant on a chain, I could fly out to VA and buy you lunch.

  5. LOL In my teens and early 20s, unicorns were the thing and you don't see those that often these days, so I was thinking of the dragonflies like that.

  6. Oh, my guess is that dragonflies, owls, and octopus will all soon go the way of the unicorn. But my Mom still likes unicorns, and my family always looks for unique unicorn things for her. When you like something, and it stops being popular, you're always more thrilled when you find something new for your collection.

    So, I'll certainly bead the occasional dragonfly necklace when the mood strikes me, but I'm not going to go buy $500 worth of dragonflies and build my entire line around them :)