Sunday, April 26, 2009

A day with a friend

I spent this afternoon in Marana, visiting my friend Helen. She's the one who I often dogsit for, and I'll be staying with her dogs for 4 days in June. She came up with the great idea that if all our dogs got along, I could bring the girls with me, and then they wouldn't drive Chris crazy while he was working ;) So we all piled in the car, drove up there, and played "Introduce the two little dogs to the three big dogs" with a small intermission for "Seriously Maggie, we've been in the desert for 5 minutes and you already have a cactus spine in your nose?"

Luckily, the spine was removed without causing any damage to Miss Mags' nose or psyche, and the rest of the visit was pure fun. I got to meet the new man in my friend's life and see all of the wonderful work they've been doing on her home, we spoke with each other about our plans in the future, and we played with each other's dogs (and laughed at Daisy and Maggie flirting with her boy-dog).

Oh, and she gave me some lovely, shiny dance things as an early birthday present! A gahwazee coat, some necklaces and anklets, and some music. Lots of sparkle and jingle!

I've been spending more time with friends lately, and I feel good about it. By nature, I'm an introverted, anti-social person, but I'm trying to be more active, friendly and outgoing and I think I'm having some success. Someday, people won't even believe me when I say that I'm shy.

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  1. I am very outgoing and social but in here is still the shy quiet person dwells and sometimes comes out:)

    Funky Monkey Girl,