Monday, October 06, 2008

World: Not quite conquered yet

Looks like I didn't conquer the world today. Or even my house. It was too nice of a day to go out and conquer anything. Autumn has hit Tucson, and we're having lower temperatures (for us) and gentle breezes. The dogs love it, they always want to go outside and chase lizards.

That's right, I didn't blog all weekend, so you get dogs in the middle of the week! This is a picture from shortly after we got the girls. Daisy likes to sleep next to my desk like this, it puts her in the middle of things and makes sure she doesn't miss out on any petting, snacks, or opportunities to go outside. Maggie's more likely to sleep on the Giant Dog Chair. She favors comfort over being in the center of things. Of course, right now, neither one of them is sleeping. They're playing "Follow the kitty around and give him kisses." Poor Topher.

The dragon necklace is coming along well, though it may turn out to be a brooch instead of a necklace. And it won't be my EBW entry, as it's going to have a steampunk story to go with it. Alas, my ancestors were not steampunks. I don't think my great-grandfather the engineer counts, even though they were steam trains.


  1. Heck, make up your ancestry like everybody else!

  2. Well, if I'm going to do that, I'll just lie and say I'm descended from faeries. Maybe steampunk faeries.

  3. Hi AJ,
    Just had to come and see what you are creating next and nice to see Daisy in your blog. (You know in Welsh folklore Corgis are fairysteeds!)
    Take care and give the girls hugs from me.

  4. Wendi! I'm sorry that I missed your comment. The girls are doing great and I will hug them for you.

    (Everyone, Wendi is the lovely lady who fostered Daisy and Maggie!)

    One thing that I love about corgis is their association with faeries :)