Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Etsy Treasury!

Well, this will expire tomorrow night, but you should really check out my Etsy Treasury, The Green Faerie! I curated it yesterday. It's my first treasury ever, and I was really excited to snag it. It's a strange, almost exhilerating feeling, to get to show off a bunch of my favorite items and sellers. And of course, it's fun to pick out items that go well together.

I finished the embroidery for my dragon/wyvern piece. Now I need to dig through all of my beading books -- which are still boxed up -- and find directions on attaching pinbacks. Assuming I have any such finding. I used to have a bunch, but I think I got rid of them all, because I never make brooches. Curse my fickle muse! If I don't have any, I'll just have to hit the bead store this weekend, and in the meantime, I have a different project to work on, so it's OK.

But for now, my main project is cleaning house in anticipation of having the game here tonight. The beads will have to wait!


  1. An interesting assortment!

    Here's how I put a pinback on. First, I sew the pinback on to the embroidery backing using the holes on the pinback. Then I cut the ultrasuede or felt to the same size as the pin (maybe a bit larger), put it over the back and carefully mark one long line where the length of the pin is. Cut that line and two very short cuts at each end of that line. Slide it over the pinback, letting the ultrasuede meet under the pinback, and use a small whipstitch to stitch that long cut back together. Then attach the ultrasuede to the pin around the edge with an edging stitch.

  2. I've started using a finding that allows the user to wear it as a pin or a pendant. Gives the owner a couple of options that way. I make a small slit at both ends of the pin and slip the ultrasuede over the pin. I then cut a notch for the pendant bale. I finish it with an edging stitch.

  3. Thank you both for the tips! I was pretty sure that was how it was done, and now that you've confirmed it, I don't have to dig through boxes :)

    Arline, I was thinking about using one of those findings. I might have to go to the LBS this weekend and see if they have one.

  4. Arline, that's brilliant! I've been cutting and whipstitching all these years when I could have just slid the ultrasuede over!