Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Making stuff!

Well, I got an early start today, and my friend was too busy to come over, so I actually got to have a little creative time today. I just whipped up a quick, simple necklace which I'll try to get photographed and into the Etsy shop soon. Because it is quick and simple, it will also be affordable! I think I need to have more than just earrings in the $25 and under range.

I'm going to do a little beading tonight during the game, probably just bezel a rivoli that will eventually be part of a larger project. Or maybe bezel one of these slightly defective rivolis and make myself another cute pendant. I haven't made anything for myself for a while... and I have several green rivolis to choose from. Hmmm....

In my mail today, there was a package full of some goodies that I purchased from Etsy... two different styles of vintage glass cameo cabochons, and some cool Czech snake beads that I wish I'd had for the Animal Instincts challenge. I'm trying not to buy a lot of random supplies, but these were all too awesome to pass up. The cameos are especially beautiful, and I've been needing some of those for Neo Victorian/Steampunk jewelry.


  1. Oh, more cool stuff!

    The blog is working differently. I wonder if it will post this comment.

  2. Hmmm... they seem to have changed commenting. Interesting.

  3. But Doris' was the same, so maybe something got changed here.

  4. And it's back to how it used to be!

    I just checked the "Blogger Buzz" and they said it was a new form of commenting that they just rolled out, and some blogs accidentally ended up with it without opting in.

    I do think I liked the new style better, though, so I might re-enable it.