Monday, October 13, 2008

Celebrating 10 years of Erthe Fae Designs!

In October 1998, I bought some beads at a cute nature gallery in one of our local malls, turned them into jewelry, and listed them in eBay. I thought this was a fun way to make some money for the holidays, and that it would go to the wayside someday when I got a "real" job. Little did I realize at the time that I was getting myself into an all-consuming addiction that would lead to numerous friendships, a few fun journeys, and the need for an entire room set aside for my supplies.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, all jewelry in my Etsy shop is now 10% off! This sale will continue until the end of October. All other jewelry that I list between now and then will also have 10% knocked off of its intended price. This is a great time to pick up some holiday presents, or something suitable to wear to all those year-end parties.

Thank you to all of my friends and family who have been a constant source of support, encouragement and inspiration on my jewelry-making adventure!


  1. Happy Jewelry Anniversary! Hmmm, I wonder what the 10th anniversary is... well, tin or aluminum. I spose I could send you some foil.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What an accomplishment :) I just might join Marilee and send you some, you know!

  3. LOL! Thanks you two. I already have plenty of tin foil, though!