Thursday, October 09, 2008

The turtle compels you to vote!

No, I'm not talking about the US Presidential Election. No politics here, only beautiful beaded jewelry! The turtle compels you to vote for your favorite entry in the Etsy BeadWeavers' challenge! Go forth, view all of the lovely pieces submitted for the Animal Instincts theme, and cast your vote. Tell all of your jewelry-loving friends, too!

Please note, I am not one of those people who tells all of her friends to vote for her, and to tell their friends to do so. I created Turtle Talisman to challenge myself to make something I wouldn't normally (a piece of jewelry with a non-fantasy, non-insect animal), and while I think it's very nice, I do not think that it is the best item in the poll. I want people to vote for the item that they like best. That's what I did. There are some really great items, made by people who were clearly more inspired by the theme than I was.

Now, if you want to tell your friends to buy my Turtle Talisman, I will not stop you ;) That would buy me a lot of cabochons! (ok, maybe not a lot, I have expensive tastes)

On a barely related tangential note, today was an awesome mail day. I received my two most recent Etsy purchases -- a pair of hairpins with clock face cabs, and a gorgeous steampunk bottle -- and a package from my friend and frequent blog commentor Marilee, who sent me some awesome sewing and beading supplies. Hooray for packages! (and for my nice mail lady, who brings them to the door, and who doesn't mind having two corgis charge at her every time)


  1. Maybe you need corgi charging music!

  2. Thank you, Doris!

    Marilee, it would have to be something silly. They look very funny when they run, since their legs are so short :) But at least it's a friendly charge. The first time the mail lady brought a package to the door, Daisy tried to follow her back out to her truck!

  3. Maybe you should see about getting Daisy trained for a hospital/nursing home visiting dog. There's a name for it that's not coming at the moment. A lot of people don't have their pets anymore and love to see friendly pets. 'Course, maybe Maggie would want to learn to help, too.

    Did the rescuers ever mention why the girls have variations of the same name?

  4. Marilee, if the girls calm down a bit (especially Daisy) after they get obedience trained, I would like to do something like that with them. They're very cute and a good size to visit with people, and they seem to love everyone. My friend Helen often takes her big, lovable dog Gobi to the home that her Mom is at, and he's a big hit.

    I didn't ask the rescue people about their names. I'm guessing that it's what their original owners named them.

    By the way, my parents are keeping their last Aussie puppy, and my metal-head brother tried to convince them to name him Nochtir (night beast), and Mom thought that might work, but she couldn't see calling a dog Nochtir, so instead he became... Nacho. Joe said he never would have suggested the name if he knew that would happen!

  5. LOL Poor Joe, to know he accidentally conjured that name!

    No, the thing is, Maggie and Daisy come from the same name. Maggie comes from Margaret, which comes from the French Marguerite, which means Daisy.

  6. Actually, Margaret from the Greek Margarites, from margaron (a pearl). Marguerite is the French cognate of the same name.

    (Source: A World of Baby Names, by Teresa Norman)