Friday, October 17, 2008

All day at the camera...

Well, not quite all day, but I did spend a while setting up my photography stuff out in the game room. It worked out pretty well in there, and I took a lot of pictures, which I will have to sort out tomorrow. It was unexpectedly warm today (back up to 90), and the heat wiped me out. Once I was done with photos, I just wanted to kick back with a cold glass of water.

I've just added the little widget that allows you to easily follow my blog! If you are a blogger user, you can choose to follow this blog, and my posts will show up on your dashboard. Plus you can click on any of the other people who are following my blog, and see if their blog interests you. Isn't technology grand?

That's all for tonight, I want to go write before I get too sleepy.


  1. That widgit is called RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and most blog varieties, including LJ, allow RSS inputs. I'm going to continue to keep your blog on the list I read before LJ, though.

  2. Is it the same as RSS? I've never figured out that whole RSS thing. You know, 26 is way too young to feel old, but the internet keeps coming up with new-fangled technology that I don't quite get.

  3. Yep, that's RSS. I use it to port some blogs to LJ -- blogs that don't get used often, so I don't want to check them out every day. But the blogs where I expect something almost all the time, I just read first.