Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just a brief note.

I figured I was overdue for an update here.

First and foremost, Flaming Teeth is 99% done. All that remains is to add a clasp, and if I can find a suitable button in my collection, I'll do that today. And if I do that, then tomorrow I can post a picture of the completed item. Hooray!

Second, we've been looking into buying a house. It may be a bit until we can actually do so, but when we can, I will be having a huge moving sale. Not that jewelry is difficult to pack, but hey, it's always good to have an excuse to have a sale, right?

Third, I have not finished the purple and black necklace I was working on, but I hope to have it ready for Sunday's update. I also feel like making some chandelier earrings, so I think I'll do that today. I bought all these cute findings at gem show and so far I've only used one pair!

Fourth, this week there will be a Fashionable Friday column. The last couple of Fridays have been a bit crazy for me... This past one I was out house shopping, and the one before that I was house sitting. But this Friday I have no plans, so it will be a very good day to get back into the swing.

Last, Today's Cool Thing: A Pirate Tote Bag! A lot of places are considering a ban on plastic grocery bags, and even if they're not, it's really nice to have a canvas tote for your food or other purchases. Especially if you're walking to and from the store (hey, I do that sometimes, I do have hippie tendencies!). Canvas bags are stronger than plastic, and they have those nice wide, sturdy straps that you can even put over a shoulder for easier carrying. But best of all, it's got skulls and crossbones on it. How can you not feel awesome carrying that?

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