Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Art Bead Scene!

Today I'd like to tell you all about a very cool blog that I read every day: Art Bead Scene. ABS is a blog for bead makers and jewelry artists who enjoy using artisan beads in their work. It is also a great place to go to see beautiful work, new products, and interviews with people in the bead world. It's informative, entertaining, and inspiring.

They also host a monthly, themed contest on their Flickr account. This month's theme is "Ophelia's Garden" and I've entered the Beautiful Brown Birthday Bauble. If you're a jewelry artist, you should consider entering, too! And don't sit there saying "Oh, my work isn't good enough." The winner is chosen by a random drawing, so everyone has an equal chance to win. And from what I've seen, everyone is very friendly and encouraging in their comments on each other's work. So don't be shy! You can meet some new friends and have a chance to win some beautiful artist beads.

Anyway, I'm hoping to finish Flaming Teeth today. I have some great ideas for other pieces floating in my head (including the purple floral from this weekend), and I feel like I need to finish Teeth first. Plus I'd like to do some clay work this week and all those BFAC beads are in the middle of my work space! I probably only have about an hour of work left on it, as long as everything comes out right the first time.

Before I leave you to go bead, I'd like to present today's Cool Thing: Mary Tafoya's Seriousbeadin' Etsy Shop! Her shop just opened, and it has some truly awesome stuff in it. I've purchased from Mary on eBay, she is always quick to ship and friendly to deal with. Check out her cool vintage cabs and sequins!

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