Sunday, May 27, 2007

Confession of a Button Addict.

I have to admit it... I am a button addict! I went to the bead store today with one goal in mind: I was going to buy a button to use as a clasp for Flaming Teeth. Yet somehow I ended up with two little zipper bags full of cool vintage glass buttons. Chris started it, though. I was looking for something specific and he showed me the white and orange button in the center. Well, I had to get it. And then I decided, well, maybe it's OK to pick out one or two more cool buttons. But we kept finding more and more, all kind of styles that they'd never had in the button bin before. Plus there was a little dish of pretty moonglow buttons for only 20 cents each, so I had to buy ten of those.

What's that? Oh yes, I did in fact find what I went in for. Check back here tomorrow for the final installment of The Birth of Flaming Teeth. WOOHOO!

My love of buttons stems from the fact that they just make the cutest clasps. Whenever I show people my jewelry, they always hone in on the button closures. Even the coolest Sterling toggle can't compare to the appeal that a simple button holds. And there's the fun of matching it to the beads of the project. I do so love color coordination.

When I wasn't picking out buttons today, I was working on my website. I listed half a dozen beautiful new items:

Unseelie Bouquet The black and purple necklace I've been mentioning for the past two weeks.

Ice Maiden The blue crystals in this one are some of my favorite vintage beads!

Lagoon Dancer A woven anklet in my beloved combination of Pacific Opal and Indicolite!

Absinthe Chandelier earrings so beautiful that I wish I could keep them.

Torch Singer Also made with my favorite blue vintage crystals.

Web Mistress Possibly the coolest earrings I've ever made. That's right, cooler than Devil Duckies!

Other than Unseelie Bouquet, all of this week's new items involve vintage beads. I've been being better about not jealously hording my vintage collection. I just love the extra beauty that they lend to anything that they're worked into.

In keeping with my confession, Today's Cool Thing is Button Shoppe, where you can feed your own button addiction! Join me...

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