Sunday, July 16, 2006

Clay, beads, and stuff.

Well, I've been caught up in all of the things I've been doing this week. With BFAC done, I was able to bead whatever I want. That meant the bracelet idea that I had in my head. I'm still trying to figure out how I'll put it all together, but I'm enjoying it. I'm using this beautiful color... "light olivine/bronze lined." It's a slightly iridescent antique gold with hints of green. YUM!

Michael's had clay on sale again, so Mom and I had a "girl's day out" and descended upon the clay as only ladies who want to make dragons can. They actually weren't sold out this time, and I have some awesome colors to play with. Now if it would just cool down enough for me to want to bake clay :) There are a couple of people who I want to make dragons for.

I spent today doing errands and housework. My apartment is just way too cluttered, so I'm trying to weed things out, get rid of all that stuff that I'm keeping because it was a present, or because I've just been too lazy to throw it out. Also, I am going to do some serious cleaning, re-organization, and culling of my bead room. Much unloved bead stuff will be donated to a local day program for the developmentally disabled, but some pearls, Czech glass, and semi-precious should find its way onto auction in the near future.

And I still need to get started on the photographing of my current stock!

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