Tuesday, July 11, 2006

BFAC Complete

It's ALIVE!!!! No, wait, not quite. But it is completed. Finally. 4 days before the deadline. After I was one of the first people to start. You may of course click the image for a full-sized view.

Never have I had as much trouble with a project as I have with this one. It was just one little disaster after another, including lost beads, spilled beads, and running out of thread. But it's done! Now I just need a name for it. The first one to come to mind isn't very nice...

The Beading For a Cure rules allow for the addition of one extra type of bead. I added the lovely stemmy leaves at the bottom of every fringe. Aside from those and the cool vermeil leaf clasp (from Star's Clasps), everything else is from the kit. There are 3 sizes of Japanese seed beads in 6 colors, two colors and sizes of Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, freshwater pearls, and Afghani jade.

Remember, this necklace will be up for auction later this year, so if you love it, watch my blog for an announcement of the auction! If we follow the trend of previous years, it will start with the low opening bid of only $19.95. As a frame of reference, I have a necklace here with the same technique but far less variety of beads, and no crystals. As you can see, by bidding on this necklace you not only help a charity near and dear to my heart, but you stand to get a great deal on a unique piece of jewelry.

And by the way, the above picture was taken with my new digital camera. I love it! I need to find a better way to display the jewelry when I photograph it, to get a better angle, but the level of detail in the picture has me practically giddy!

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