Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hiatus Details

After much thought and a look at my upcoming schedule, I have decided that my hiatus will continue until September 15th. This should give me plenty of times to get things back into order, as well as allowing me to not worry about business while I am in NY for 2 weeks.

During this hiatus, I will be working to complete the Links and Materials sections of my website. I'll also be making some jewelry for the site, but not posting it. Expect a big update in mid-September!

There will be both a G&LW and a Best Bead Show here in September. With any luck, between those two shows and the cool places in NY, I will be able to pick up some awesome new beads to spice up my Fall line. Even without new beads, I've been dreaming up some new products. I'd like to have even more variety on my site than I do now.

With my new-found love of belly dancing, I've been dreaming up some unusual jewelry designs that I feel will be great for dancing, but also for every day wear. This pieces will be bolder than my delicate collars and crystal bracelets, while still retaining a lot of femininity, and of course, symmetry. Also, I feel that it's high time that I bring back the circlets that I used to make.

I've been doing a better job of balancing all of the things I love. If I can keep this up, then I will be able to work on my business and my novels at the same time. This is what I really want out of life; I get too much from beads and writing to ever give one of them up.

I am really excited, and I hope that when you see the new designs I'm cooking up, the excitement will catch.

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