Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Mysterious Mr. Bird-Man.

 I already showed this necklace a bit ago, along with the hair stick that I made in the same week, but today The Mysterious Mr. Bird-Man gets to take center stage in his very own blog post.
 What is he? Is he Garuda? Quetzalcoatl? A Tengu? Some other fanciful blend of bird and man? We may never know. I saw him at the Bead Museum gift shop and simply had to have him. He spent a couple years just hanging out in my bead collection until I decided what to do with him.
Now he hangs from a strand of glass, stone, and pearls in lovely shades of olive and golden brown. Not really a tribal piece, but I've been wearing him to dance class a lot anyway.


  1. Whatever species he belongs to, he's wonderful! Neat necklace.