Friday, May 20, 2011

Belated Treasuries

Shame on me, not getting around to rounding up this week's treasuries until Friday! I'd like to say I have a great and valid excuse, but the truth is that I spent all day Wednesday reading a book. It was a really good book! And it's been so long since I allowed myself to just read all day. And it was unusually gray and cold. Yesterday, of course, was dance class day and I had to be out the door by 4:10pm, so I didn't have a lot of time to do anything.

Anyway, it was a great week for treasuries! My sexy mermaid necklace is in the one above, one of my crystal bracelets is in Magical Twilight Hour and the Phoenix Feathers necklace did it again, being included in The Heat is On.

My treasury offering for the week is A Bounty of Beautiful Bracelets.


  1. I recognized yours in all of them! I liked your treasury, too.

  2. Hi - I'm new to your blog and thought I'd say Hi. I found you on aquariann's Spring Blog Hop! tonight and love your jewelry. If you'd ever like to do a do a giveaway or review on my blog at GivingNSharing and feature your jewelry on there just let me know. I'd love to help you out! Tina