Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two new things for me!

To celebrate the fact that I finished all my outstanding custom orders and birthday presents for friends, I decided to make myself a couple of presents! First, a cool necklace with a pendant that is either a tengu, Garuda, or some other bird-man. Second a bone hairstick adorned with glass and stone beads, a carved skull, and an Afghani coin. Big surprise, both items are brown and green!

The hairstick is actually a prototype for a new product line. What do you think? Would you like to see unique tribal hairsticks at Handmade Jewelry by Erthe Fae Designs? Hairstick materials would include bone, horn, wood and metal, and accents would include beads of all sorts, coins, bells, pendants, keys, and whatever else would look cool. Pricing would probably range from $10-$20+ depending on how fancy they get and how much I have to pay for the base stick.

More pictures of both items will be posted next week, right now I have way too much to do before I head off to belly dance class!


  1. Lovely! I think hair sticks are a great idea! I have seen some for sale, but none with a tribal vibe to them. It would go very nicely with my gypsy garb!

  2. Pretty new baubles! Good for you to treat yourself. =)

  3. Thank you both!

    Gypsy, that's the idea, they could go with a full-blown tribal costume, or with every day BoHo clothes, or even with jeans and a t-shirt, which I'm wearing mine with now!

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  5. Ok, look, I don't want to be mean about this, but I joined Aquariann's blog hop to find blogs that interested me and followers who were actually interested in my blog. If you want me to believe that you're actually following my blog because you like it, try actually commenting on the content instead of making a generic "follow me back" sort of post.