Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's that time again....

It's Treasury Tuesday! Ok, well, yesterday was! I always wait and post my round-up on Wednesday or Thursday to make sure I don't miss out on any late-night treasury features. This week, I am beyond thrilled to be in the gorgeous treasury above. Mermie has such an eye for beautiful things that look even more beautiful when grouped together, and she chose my very best product photo ever to be part of what I think is a very front page worthy collection.

And my Phoenix Feathers Beadwoven Choker gets a second chance at treasury time this week, having been included in Orange you just in love with this?? Which is also beautifully curated despite the silly name. Great job, Midnight's Meadow! I've noticed that Phoenix Feathers has been getting a lot of hearts on Etsy, too. I think it really grabs peoples' attention.

Last but not least, we had a Mother's Day theme for the week, so I chose to draw inspiration from my own mother and create Unicorns and Dragons for my Mom!


  1. Such a pretty treasury! Congratulations on all the features and hearts. The Phoenix Feathers Choker is amazing.