Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Special For Today Is....

Summer Dragonfly is today's Daily Special! I know it's still cold in some places, but it's felt like Summer for more than a month here in Tucson.

With that, I'm off for more gaming-related nerdery and bra beading (at the same time. Let's see what the guys have to say about that...)


  1. yummy! are those picasso beads in there? i *love* picasso beads.

  2. That's really pretty! I love the colors. :)

    ...bra beading? Do I want to know?

  3. Thank you both! Mermaiden, yes, I think they are Picasso beads. Is that the technical term for when they've got a mottled appearance?

    Merily, I'm making myself a coin bra for belly dancing. You can read a bit about the project in this post:

    I hope to have it finished in a couple days!