Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Fairy Day!

Yes, today is Fairy Day! You know I can't let a day like this go by unremarked. To celebrate, I'm having a sale in both my Etsy shop and website. Lots of faerie jewelry on sale, in lieu of a normal Daily Special :)

I'm also going to celebrate by wearing my wings (as seen in my profile picture). I'll definitely wear them for tonight's game, but I'm torn on whether to wear them out for sushi. I think they might be a little too big and I don't want to get in the way of the nice waitstaff at the sushi place. As much as I love the look of BIG wings, I really need to buy a pair of small wings for when I want to be a faerie without also being a nuisance. Because I'm so happy with my current pair, I'll probably buy my little ones from Fancy Fairy.


  1. Love wings, but have none. When I want to get a little wild I wear my elf ears:)

  2. Happy fairy day to you, too! :D

    Oh wow, the wings on that site are GORGEOUS! Definitely bookmarking that for later!

  3. I had 2 pairs of fairy wings when I left Minnesota, they died in the move so I need to buy some more. I like wearing them with my horns that I picked up at a Ren Faire.

    My bedroom/bathroom is decorated with fairies by Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth and a sculpture from the Frouds:) I LOVE fairies so happy fae day back at ya:)


  4. Sarah, I'm the opposite. I have wings, but no ears! I'll buy some eventually, especially if I decide to vend at the Faerie Festival up near Phoenix.

    Merily, I can't recommend those wings highly enough! Not only are they nice, but the seller is tops at customer service. When she ran out of the style I ordered and would not have been able to get them to me before Comic Con last year, she upgraded me to a nicer style and faster shipping at no extra cost and sent them to my hotel in CA so I could wear them to the convention. I got a zillion complements and was constantly being stopped for photos. People love how they look.

    Jolene, oh no, dead faerie wings! I hope you can get a new pair soon.

    You have good taste in artists, those are some of my favorites :) Have you checked out Meredith Dillman yet?