Friday, May 15, 2009

A lot on my mind

My mind is full of thoughts and ideas right now, and I can't really get them gathered together well enough to write a decent blog post. So let's just go over a couple of things real fast, and tomorrow I'll write a real post!

1: There's a huge sale going on at my website. I'll go over the why tomorrow.

2: Speaking of my website, the Daily Special over there is Phoenix Feathers. I love this necklace and hate that it's waiting around in a box, instead of being worn by a beautiful woman.

3: The Daily Special in my Etsy Shop is Sacred Clouds. These are really pretty earrings and would look cute with a blue or white summer dress, don't you think?

4: This weekend is your last chance to bid on BFAC auctions!

5: I am SO looking forward to going to Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa/Scottsdale next week. I need a change of scenery like nobody's business.


  1. that necklace is spectacular- what a clever idea, too!

  2. Thank you! I made a similar one for myself in peacock hues, but I changed the fringe around and it didn't turn out quite as awesomely.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, AJ. I hope the right woman or her besotted lover comes along and buys it very soon :D